Magazine Article: Viva (Dutch)

VIVAI was featured in this weeks VIVA magazine. I am in the print edition as well as on their website (link, translation). Last year I was selected by VIVA as one of the 400 most influential women in the Netherlands under 40. See my post about it here. In the interview I was asked to discuss my work life balance.

Article Published!

10676The online first version of my latest article “Service Robots, Ethics, and Design” has been published in the Journal of Ethics and Information Technology.  It is open access so you can view it here.

RoboPsych Podcast with Tom Guarrellio

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Tom Guarrellio who is the creator of RoboPsych, a brilliant forum for discussing the psychology of human-robot interactions. We talked about my work with the Foundation for Responsible Robotics as well as my work on robots in healthcare. Tom was a fantastic interviewer with insightful questions and comments. I look forward to working with Tom in the future on all things robotics, in particular on FRR things!
Check out the podcast here.

Qua Art Qua Science

On November 23, 2015 I was able to discuss my work in ethics and care robots with a group of artists and members of the community interested in the topic. After giving a talk about the ethical issues facing the design and implementation of care robots I had the chance to sit and talk with the audience; what wonderful questions and considerations they had! It was great to hear from a group of listeners outside the field of academia. Hope to do it again sometime!

Workshop on HRI in Paris

hriparisOn Friday Oct 30 I was pleased to be one of the co-organizers of a 3TU sponsored workshop entitled: Bridging the gap between HRI and robot ethics research. This workshop was held in conjunction with the International Conference on Social Robotics. The format of the workshop was to bring together a panel of leading robot ethics scholars with robotics researchers struggli
g with ethical issues in their own work. The event was quite successful in encouraging meaningful and collaborative thinking between the disciplines. We hope to publish a special edition, will post more details in the future. For more info on the workshop see:

Nominated for the VIVA 400!

I have been nominated for the VIVA 400. I am one of 400 women nominated this year. There are four categories – I have been nominated for the “knappe koppen” (clever heads) group. I am so honored to be considered among these incredible women.

The website describes it like this (thank google for the translation):
400 women this year have made a difference in their field: that is the VIVA400. These powerful women stand in the spotlight because they won a prize, discovered a gap in the market, and followed their dreams. VIVA does not do a ranking, because how can you compare a scientist with a professional athlete? But we made four categories – creative minds, clever heads, powerhouses and do-gooders – each category will have one winner. The winners will be announced on November 17th at a ceremony in Amsterdam.

In the Media: Mashable and Computer Idee

newspaper-568058_960_720An article I was interviewed for came out in mashable entitled “The importance of human innovation in A.I. ethics”.  Aside from  me being in it, it is a great article.


In the Dutch magazine Computer Idee I was featured in issue number 21 ( 22-Sep – 6 Oct 2015). The article is entitled “Zorgzame zorg-robots ontwerpen” (translated roughly: Designing Robots with Care).

The article is not available online, but check out their website: